6 Must-Have Vegetable Purifier Features You Should Look Out For

Due to the constant increase in human population, crops have started to deplete, because of which, the farmers have started using science and technology to increase the yield and potency of these vegetables. Many factors like excess pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides etc. are to be considered because these chemicals used in farming are seen as residues in the final produce. These chemicals reside in each and every fresh fruit and vegetable that we use in our daily life. They can be directly or indirectly harmful for our body.

Cleaning the vegetables and fruits properly before consuming them is of utmost importance. A vegetable purifier is the most ideal way to clean up these harmful chemicals. Therefore, there is an absolute need for an ozonizer for vegetables. Not all vegetable purifiers have all the features that make them useful. Therefore, here are some vegetable purifier features that it must have, in order to give you the best value for money

  • A Shapely and Compact Design:

Any vegetable purifier you buy shouldn’t be bulky and huge – it should be sleek and compact instead. The reason for this feature requirement is the placement of the purifier. You would obviously want to place the vegetable purifier on your kitchen table and if it takes up all your space then you won’t be satisfied with the usage of the appliance. Therefore, you should ensure that the vegetable purifier you purchase, is compact enough to fit on your kitchen countertop.

  • Ozone Disinfection Technology:

The latest vegetable purifiers come with ozone disinfection technology, which would kill fungi, viruses, bacteria and any other sort of pathogens easily. As ozone is the best disinfectant in the world, having ozone disinfect your food would guarantee that they get fresh and free from all chemicals. This ensures that you don’t get any kind of food-borne diseases at all. Ozone isn’t a harmful gas as it is generated naturally using atmospheric oxygen. It is the best oxidising agent, which is why it cleans up your food instantaneously.

  • Meat Products and Sea Food Product Cleaner:

A vegetable purifier shouldn’t just be able to clean up fruits and vegetables, but also be able to clean up sea food and meat as well. Using ozone technology, the residual chemicals on sea food and meat are easily oxidized and destroyed. The antibiotics on the meat or sea food surface are also removed because of this oxidation. This ensures safe and healthy consumption of sea food and meat as well.

  • Long Term Freshness of Food Items:

Vegetable purifiers shouldn’t just get rid of the pathogens from vegetables and fruits. They should also be able to clean the surface hormones on the food items. This way, the food can be kept fresh for longer hours and the shelf life of the food can also be improved. With increased shelf life and longer freshness, the food is ensured to stay healthy and clean for eating. You don’t have to eat stale vegetables or fruits.

  • No Extra Consumables Should Be required

A vegetable purifier should be self-sufficient. This means that ozone shouldn’t be stored, but instantaneously produced. Vegetable purifiers should have the capability of creating ozone from the oxygen that is present in the atmosphere.

  • Low Noise:

The process of making ozone and oxidizing food is generally noisy. However, there are many good vegetable purifiers that are less noisy, thanks to advancements in technology. Therefore, the purifier’s technology should be developed in such a way that the noise factor comes out to be less than 45 decibels. This way, you wouldn’t cause noise pollution in your locality and can easily wash fruits and vegetables without getting irritated.

All these vegetable purifier features clearly show that an ozone-based purifier would be a valuable asset to your kitchen arsenal. So, go ahead and buy one today!

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