How can you prepare Your Home for an Upcoming Open Inspection?

Many a times buyers go out of their way to make sure the property they are thinking to invest in is of good quality or not. For this at times they even hire their own open home inspectors and pay for them; of course this happens only if the buyer is seriously considering any property. The sellers should also be completely open to the buyers in terms of disclosing any kind of issues related to the property. Ideally, the sellers should be proactive to hire a good home inspector and get his home thoroughly scanned and produce an unbiased report to the buyer. Irrespective of who chooses to pay for the inspection, there are certain things that should be considered to make your home ready for an open inspection. Mentioned below are 8 such factors to be considered.

  1. Arriving on time for the open inspection is the least you can do. The best thing to do as a property owner is to arrive at least ten minutes earlier to make sure you are not hurrying for last minutes. Once all the parties arrive consider closing all curtains and blinds to keep the inspection private.
  2. Make the work for the inspector easier. Some of the common things that an inspector looks at are air condition system, water cooling units, house heating systems etc. Normally there are furniture covering these systems so move them around so that when the inspector comes he gets enough space to easily check these systems.
  3. Places in your home like attic, carports, garages and basements should be easily accessible to the inspector. Normally these are the places where a lot of junk is kept and inspectors look at these places more suspiciously than others. Move all the items that are blocking the way to these places in your house.
  4. The exterior of your property should be clearly visible. Inspectors take a close look at the brickwork and foundation to assess the strength of the building. A clear pathway should be there for the inspector to look around. Cut all the dry branches and unnecessary obstacles. All the garbage bins should be kept away from the building walls.
  5. Do not interfere in the inspection. Buyers may not feel comfortable with you lingering around when he is trying to ask important questions to the inspector. So, consider going out for few hours with your family. Catch up a movie or meet a relative. If you have pets at home then lock them down in a room or a safe place during the inspection time.
  6. Get your house cleaned like you won’t get another chance ever again. This is of course a no brainer but is perhaps the most important thing you should do. Every nook and corner of your house should be clean and tidy. Remember, it is the first impression that is a deal maker or a deal breaker.
  7. Utilities should be in a working condition during an inspection as these are also scanned by a home inspector. Things like cooling and heating systems, exhaust fans, washing machine, dishwasher, stove-stop etc should be accessible and in working condition.

All the pilot lights for appliances and systems like heating and cooling system, stove-stops etc should already be lit. Expecting the inspector to locate the switch and turn them on in a non-professional and laid back approach.

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