Rihanna Bringing Back 90’s Fashion Back in Trend

Rihana is well known for trend setting in true sense when it comes to fashion. This time also she is coming back with something old fashioned and making it a fad again.

Gone are the days when belts were only accessories that were used to tighten our jeans. Now things seem to be changing and fashion is constantly evolving.

Fashion always finds its way to up the ante and gives us something innocuous most of the times that we don’t expect. This time Rihana’s dangling belt with cool and covetable prints seem to be coming in picture.

It seems now that street-style stars are changing the world as seen in the case of Virgil Abloh’s cultish Off-White and Rihanna’s new fashion trend giving commitment to looking cooler than everyone else. It seems that as always perpetually succeeding fashion experiment has brought us the long, trailing belt back again.

Rihana is great and she looks amazing in whatever she wears. With this white and black printing trailing belt she looks even cooler and comfortable. We used to see this fashion in early nineties especially amongst the hippies. Avril Lavigne and punk-cool girls wore their checked or striped belts to give a masculine twist that fits well with baggy jeans, wife-beater tanks and bloated skater shoes.

But the rebirth of the long belt in itself is amazing. It doesn’t have to same punk nobility connotations like its fore bearer, street-style stars. It has found a way to give them a statement-making elegance. So, if you are a fan of Rihana, what are you waiting for? Get ready for a long belt leaving half of it dangling by the side? Believe me, you’ll look great and cool just like the pop icon herself.

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