Top 4 Brands for Flip-Flop Slippers

Although there are a number of brands with a great fame in the category of flip-flop slippers, the most prominent flip-flop slipper brand options are Nike, Puma, Reebok, and Woodland. These brands offer a vast range of products, which are in vogue these days. Here’s a quick look into the top brands for flip-flop slippers.


Nike provides a number of items, which fetch an interest among a huge number of people. In the category of flip-flop slippers, it offers an enchanting combination of perfect style with a different and unique look. If we consider the price of the particular article, then it varies but still seems to be reasonable for a customer who gives priority to quality. People’s first concern in flip-flop slippers is comfort. This brand keeps people’s concern in view and tries their level best to give an untroubled feel to one’s feet.


Puma comes first in the preference list of youngsters. The question that arises now is ‘why’? Although there are many reasons behind this, one of them is that it supplies elegant designs with beautiful color collections giving foremost preference to the trend factor and they are most adored by customers.

This brand provides huge variety of options of flip-flop slippers. It covers almost all size ranges. More interestingly, their product options comprise of materials like rubber, synthetic, canvas, mesh, synthetic leather, and fabric. These things aid in adding more beauty to the products.


Fall into the most exciting, adorable and elegant combination of style and quality, which is supplied by the Reebok brand. Usually, all the flip-flop slipper brands try to give the best quality to people, but in the category of using the best soles in footwear, the other brands will lag behind this brand. Reebok ensures excellent and durable quality products. Furthermore, price range lies between INR 350 and INR 3600. Products are supplied in all sizes.


If you are looking for something with comfort and perfect style, then Woodland will be an appropriate pick for you. It has something different from others because the products are manufactured with slip-resistant soles, which are mainly comprised of ethylene vinyl acetate. Some of the flip-flop slipper designs have printed graphic designs on the outer soles too.

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